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…if you take a look below!

Dear students,

Do you live or work in Vietnam?

Are you travelling in Vietnam?

Do you have a Vietnamese spouse?

Are you Vietnamese, but understand little of your native  language?


And you…

* Desire to understand Vietnamese language and culture?

*Would like to communicate to the Vietnamese in their language?

*Would like to communicate to the Vietnamese in their language?Would like to    

   integrate into Vietnamese culture?

*Would like to communicate to the Vietnamese in their language?Would like to make

   friends and better understand Vietnamese people,
so that you can work more  

    effectively in Vietnam?

Perhaps you do not know how to speak Vietnamese, or how to pronounce it properly, or to be confident while communicating in Vietnamese. You are embarrassed, or nervous when speaking in Vietnamese. You feel shy, afraid of conversing in Vietnamese, and especially of being made fun of when you are speaking.
You may be a beginner and find Vietnamese hard to learn because of its strange pronunciation, with its different up and down tones. Do you feel reluctant to learn this special language?
You may feel frustrated and upset because you have trouble communicating in Vietnamese despite having
invested so much time into learning the language. We understand you completely.  We have heard these stories first-hand through training hundreds of foreigners from different countries at every level. We can help you solve all these difficulties in learning Vietnamese, and build your confidence back up.
Where are LASSHO’s students from?
We have had students from all over the world including Japan, America, Britain, Australia, France, Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Canada, India, Israel, Taiwan, China, New Zealand, Thailand, and more! Some of our students are employees or leaders of large foreign companies in Vietnam such as Indochina, PepsiCo, Unilever, Vinacapital, Talisman, PWC, Schlumberger, Phillip Morris, and Servier.
Students also come from the embassies and consulates of Australia, New Zealand, Japan, France, and  from organization as JICA, VSA, and KOTO.
Who are LASSHO’s students?
1.They are people who wish to start learning Vietnamese and to integrate into Vietnamese society quickly. They can be employees, managers, housewives, shop owners, doctors, engineers, or lawyers, all working or residing in Vietnam. For them, the Vietnamese language is not only of interest, but essential for their living.
2.They are tourists traveling to Vietnamese only for a short time but would like to be able to speak some simple Vietnamese sentences. They would like to talk to the locals in Vietnamese, or go shopping and eat in a restaurant without an interpreter.
3.They are volunteers from Japan, Australia, New Zealand, and many more countries.  These volunteers go to help Vietnamese people in fields such as health care and education. They have to be able to speak and listen well enough to understand the locals and to work well with them.
4.They are overseas Vietnamese who would like to find their origins through Vietnamese courses. LASSHO helps them be more confident in speaking their mother tongue more easily.
5.They are people who have studied Vietnamese for many years in other programs, having spent much time and money but have not been able to speak and pronounce the language properly.
They go to LASSHO with the expectation of being able to speak Vietnamese fluidly and confidently.
With them, we do our best to help them correct their pronunciation, form sentences from simple to complex, and help them practice as much as they can so that they can learn good language instincts.
As a consequence, our learners become confident in speaking Vietnamese fluently and naturally.
How long until can I speak Vietnamese?
Many students ask us at the first meeting how long it will take them to speak Vietnamese. The answer is: you can speak and be understood after just two hours of lessons. However, most people will need at least 50 hours (Elementary Course 1) to fully learn basic essential sentences in daily conversations.
With LASSHO’s special teaching approach refined over 12 years of instruction, we affirm that after only 50 hours, you will be able to:
1. Pronounce all of Vietnamese vocabulary (as you will learn the rules of pronunciation)
2. Use basic sentence structures in daily conversations such as greeting, traveling, shopping, eating out, making requests, and more.
With only 50 hours of studying, you will be able to communicate confidently in Vietnamese about essential, every-day topics for life.
What if I do not have much time and would prefer to teach myself Vietnamese?
We suggest the 100-hour course in order to learn the fundamentals. Then we will instruct you to most effectively learn on your own. We will guide you through methods of self-teaching based on the fundamentals of Vietnamese grammar: listening, speaking, reading and writing at higher levels.  
You have studied Vietnamese for many years but still cannot listen or speak it easily. You also cannot read newspapers, books or write.
Come to LASSHO. We will help you improve your Vietnamese reading and writing skills. We will help you listen and understand what Vietnamese people talk about in daily conversations, television and radio programs. You will speak confidently as a Vietnamese with natural instincts and without needing to translate or searching for the right vocabulary.
We will help you to read books, newspapers and magazines by yourself, through which you will understand more about the life of the Vietnamese around you. You will learn more about Vietnamese customs, people, and society, and appreciate the culture and hospitality of the Vietnamese people and their beautiful and interesting country.
Would you like to write an e-mail, a congratulatory message or other greeting in Vietnamese but worry if you can compose with the style and manner? Do not be worried, LASSHO will help you to write more confidently - you will be able to write as your ideas stream by without worrying about the right or wrong grammar or vocabulary.
Perhaps you are very busy with work, have no time to do homework and have little time to practice communicating in Vietnamese.
We can help you with our flexible class hours. You will practice listening and speaking skills with teachers at school and have time for work when you get out of classes. Though you may only study during class time, you will review enough to use the language easily.
Who are LASSHO’s teaching staff?
They are professional and qualified teachers who are trained with the necessary skills for teaching Vietnamese to foreigners. They have graduated from universities and hold degrees in language studies. They are active, experienced and dedicated teachers. Most of them have over 10 years, even 15 years of teaching experience and they love their jobs. With their experience and wide knowledge, they have helped many foreigners speak Vietnamese in a short time. Some students who have already completed our courses continued studying with us until they complete their stay in Vietnam. They did not think find that studying was time consuming, but that the classroom was a place to relax, to forget about difficulties at work and to enjoy the pleasant atmosphere of class time.          
"Learn for fun" is LASSHO’s policy. Our classes are always cheery and cordial to help students feel comfortable when they speak in Vietnamese.
LASSHO encourages students not only to think and speak in Vietnamese in the classroom, but outside in day to day life.
Should I study in and individual or a group class?
Individual class (one on one):
1.For those who do not have much time and sometimes go on business - with this class, you can postpone or cancel classes for business trips, and you will not lose your lessons and tuition fee as you will have make-up classes arranged.
2.Teachers will have more time to correct your pronunciation, follow closely on your level and give you personalized practice in class sessions, which is best for beginners. 

Group class

If you have are able to join at a fixed time for group lessons, or you have your own group, you can join a group class.

There are 2 types of groups:

1.Groups formed by the school:

   -You must follow the school’s group schedule.
   - You will not get receive a refund if you cancel your class.
2.Your own group:
  -You can schedule class sessions for your group.
  -Your group can cancel a lesson and arrange for a make-up lesson with the agreement of the teacher.
At LASSHO, you will practice listening and speaking Vietnamese in a conversational way that we use to talk to each other daily. You will learn proverbs, folk-songs, poems, stories, and jokes, all in Vietnamese. These will help you integrate into Vietnamese society and develop your relationship with friends and co-workers, who will all help you enjoy your life in Vietnam.
Why hesitate? Enroll in Vietnamese classes at LASSHO today.
You are welcome to LASSHO – no 225 - Hai Bà Trưng, Dist. 3, HCMC (1st floor)
Tel: (028) 3823 3816
Please click here for enrolment.


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