Tuition fee

Types of class
Group of 2 persons
Group of 3 persons
Group of 4 to 6 prs
At school and other districts
Transportation costs for classes taken:

- In Dist. 1, 3, 4 and Phu Nhuan:    the above fee plus US$ 1 to US$ 4 / session.

- In other districts:  please contact us.

*Valid from July, 2018


              * The fee includes books and CDs.

* The price can be negotiated for class of over 6 people.

* The price can be charged US$2or US$3 more for one hour if students take less than two 1.5 - hour sessions
per week or for

   intermediate Level and Upper.

* The price will be charged US$3 more for one hour if students ask for learning by other languages ( not by English)

* The price will be charged US$1 more per hour for classes on Saturday afternoon and
US$2 for classes on Sunday and     

   holidays if students ask for learning on weekends or holidays.

* The fee will be charged
US$1 per hour if the payment is monthly made.
* The VAT invoice will be issued if it is requested.

For further information, please contact us at:
Tel: (028)3823 3816; Email:


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