Specific courses

Vietnamese courses adapted to per students’ needs: Program and course duration are also adapted to your needs and the number of hours of training you want. We are available before and during your training to listen to your advice so that we will meet your goals.
1. Pronunciation and dictation course

For people who desire to pronounce and spell Vietnamese words, particularly for those who can speak Vietnamese but cannot read or write. Students will enhance their reading and writing skills after the short course.
2. Tourist course (2 to 10 hours)
: Designed for visitors and students visiting Saigon.

One of the pleasures of travel to a country is being able to communicate with the locals. Learn basic conversational skills
and phrases, and adapt to the culture of Saigon. This program will help you feel more comfortable and less like a tourist, even though your trip may only be for a short time.
3. Housewife course:

You live in Saigon and desire to go shopping and communicate at the market, in shops and in restaurants, as a local housewife. We are committed to providing a great experience in this short program is designed to help you easily participate in daily activities.
4. Vietnamese talk
: conversation classes.

Designed for students who has finished Elementary 1 course and upper.

Finding the opportunity to practice your Vietnamese in real life situations is not always so easy.

If you are looking for dedicated Vietnamese conversation practice, you should take a Vietnamese Talk class at LASSHO.

You will practice speaking various conversational topics, helping you speak fluently in social situations.

This course is perfect for students who wish to improve their Vietnamese communication and comprehension skills, or for foreign citizens living in Vietnam who are short of time to attend a long course.

5. Business Vietnamese

For people who can speak Vietnamese at Intermediate level, and would like to use Vietnamese in their business.



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