General course

1. Elementary 1 (50 hours):

Will be able to pronounce any Vietnamese word. Understand and use everyday expressions and basic phrases in order to meet every-day needs. Introduce yourself and others, go shopping, eat out, make an appointment, catch a taxi, and ask and answer simple personal questions. Be able to have simple interactions with Vietnamese people.

2. Elementary 2 (50 hours):

Will be able to understand more complicated sentences and frequently used expressions related to common areas of conversation, such as personal and family background. Communicate with native speakers about transportation, families, plan outings, talk to restaurant staff, and other many other situations.

Listening and speaking skills are much improved over the first course.

3. Upper-elementary 1 (50 hours):

Will be able to deal with most situations arising while shopping, going to a doctor or pharmacist, renting an apartment, contacting others over telephone, and travelling in any area where the language is spoken. Can write simple, connected texts on topics which are familiar or of personal interest. Able to interact more fluently and spontaneously with native speakers.

4. Upper-elementary 2 (50 hours) :

Will be able to comfortably handle most topics arising while chatting with native speakers.

Can understand the main ideas of long texts on specific topics. Can describe experiences, events, dreams, hopes & ambitions, and give reasons and explanations for thoughts and opinions. Can produce clear, detailed comments on concrete topics and explain a point of view, giving the advantages and disadvantages of various options.

5. Intermediate (100 hours):

Will continue to understand and use Vietnamese much more easily than before. Can understand longer texts and recognize
implicit meanings. Express yourself more fluently and spontaneously without resorting to common expressions. Can read long articles, listen to the radio or to tapes, and understand different dialects.

6. Upper-intermediate (100 hours):
Can use the Vietnamese language effectively for social, academic and professional purposes. Can produce clear, well-structured texts on various topics. Can easily understand everything spoken, or read. Able to summarize information from different spoken and written sources. Express yourself spontaneously, fluently, and precisely in complex situations. Able to write essays expressing your point of views using complex structures and expanded vocabulary, with implicit meanings.

7. Advance (200 hours):

Able to use the language fluently and comprehensively. Capable of studying subjects such as history, economics, art, and literature. Prepared to join Vietnamese schools or universities as a student. Can easily understand television programs, radio broadcasts, and films, as well as a native speaker.



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