Q1. What is most important when learning Vietnamese?

A. Accurate pronunciation.

Q2. When will the course start

A. For individual classes or for your own group, you can start whenever you like.

Q3. Can I customize a program to fit my schedule or needs

A. Yes, we are happy to adapt, or customize a program for your needs.

Q4. Can I learn in a group?

A. Yes. With your own group, you may choose the group’s schedule and program. But with our group, you must follow our schedule and program which suits all members of the group.

Q5. Can I cancel my class if I am busy or on business trip a long time?

A. Yes, but please notify us at least one day in advance but only for individual class.

Q6. Is Vietnamese hard?

A. Learning any new language is not easy for foreigners. However, once the pronunciation of the Vietnamese language is learned, the structure and grammar of Vietnamese is quite easy compared to other languages.

Q7. Can I get a certificate?

A.   Students will get a certificate after taking a test when finishing the course.



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